This is Sparta!

Client: Physio Medicine

Biggest challenge: Sorry for the clickbait title. This is Troy, obviously! Have you seen the movie? I loved it in spite of its historical inaccuracies. It even got me to hate Orlando Bloom as Paris. I never thought such a day would come but he was so irritating. He takes a woman who isn’t his when Hector told him not to do anything stupid, he brings war on Troy and he can’t even fight! And then he begs to be saved?! Wimp! Hector however was my true love. He was noble, he fought for his people even though he wanted peace and not war but he wasn’t going to leave them hanging like that. He was a loving husband and father. He was such a great warrior that even Achilles rated him. Oh, Achilles… I got happy watching his action sequence and then he finds love with Briseis and I was like YES! But the warning his mother gave him was still ringing in my ears. And you know the rest of the story. And how is it that Hector dies but Paris lives? That robot from Transformers was right: sometimes cowards do survive.

Full article: My Achilles is on Brad Pitt right now. (seriously, no clickbait)

Favourite paragraph:

You really feel the symptoms of an injured Achilles tendon when your lifestyle choices are forced to change. Hiking, running, dancing and all manner of other physical activities requiring standing and weight bearing become more than the challenge you bargained for and this type of injury rarely completely heals by itself. If that is not bad enough, nodules or lumps might start appearing above the heel in your Achilles tendon. It looks like it is time to get help.