My name is Laura Somfai and I hold a Master of Arts in English with specialization in theoretical and historical linguistics. But I’m much more. More of the creative type. I never noticed how often I feel the need to write something until I enrolled in my first creative writing course at the university. It all started out innocently enough: all for fun, but with a huge amount of passion. And then my life goal was settled.

The hardships started when I stepped into the world of work and I had to realize that I simply don’t fit into the established structure. That’s why I switched to remote mode. No matter what the subject matter, voice or vision: I do research, adapt and create a product that will meet my client’s goals. I do it from anywhere, anytime. And I enjoy becoming a better writer with each project I work on.

Inspiration has always been my driving force. I read a lot both online and offline. Like a persistent stalker I follow people. I observe them and I’m always curious. I’m waiting for that tiny, almost imperceptible spark. I hopelessly fall in love with anyone or anything: with brave ideas, unusual stories, fascinating places, faces, daydreams, enthusiasm, people. And BUMM!... my writer's instincts kicking in.

I’m the sharpshooter on the rooftops, my eye tightly pressed into the eye guard, waiting for your order to pull the trigger. I’m in position.

my weapons and perks

  • excellent command of the English language
  • strong writing skills
  • quality content
  • sticking to deadlines like superglue
  • sharp eye for detail
  • embracing new ideas and creativity
  • healthy addiction to social media
  • remote work experience