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Storytime: If you're not from one of the wine wonderlands of the world like Napa or Tuscany, you might have trouble picking the perfect wine. Let me explain to you the main steps of wine enjoyment. For the first step, turn your attention to the glass, and observe the wine's color. Is the wine crimson red, or more of a dark purple? Is it easy to see through the glass, or is the wine opaque? A wine's color can also speak to its age. Whites become darker with age, and reds become lighter. Okay, cool. Next step: swirl. Swirling the wine around in your glass will bring in more oxygen. Why is this important? Introducing more O2 into the glass unleashes the wine's aromas, allowing it to open up and for all of those wondrous fragrances to blossom. Most importantly, swirling will make you look cool. Now smell. Is the wine fruity, or earthy? A bit of both? Do you smell red fruits like cherries, raspberries and/or strawberries, or dark purple fruits such as blueberries, plum and black currant? Or maybe you're smelling tobacco, wood, and pencil lead? Let your imagination run wild and trust your senses. The more often you do this the better you'll become at discerning different aromas. Before swallowing, gently swish the wine around in your mouth to hit every part of your tongue, as different regions of the tongue are better at perceiving certain tastes. Now swallow. Do you like it? At the end of the day, this is what really matters. You're now officially a wine-tasting Godfather. These tips are going to get you through every one of your remaining social engagements! No need to thank.

Full article: Give the glass a few swirls and take a deep sniff.

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Now for the million dollar question: how much red wine should I drink to reap these health benefits? Since wine contains sugar and alcohol, it is important that it should be consumed in moderation. Drinking half a dozen glasses on a daily basis will eventually take its toll on your body, negating all of these benefits. A “normal” serving is approximately one glass daily for women or two glasses daily for men. But keep in mind that the health benefits of drinking red wine may also be influenced by genetics, physical activity, smoking, social life and your environment.