Make a bagger impact

Client: Physio Medicine

Biggest challenge: I am not a light packer, and I may not ever be one. I am a dreadful overpacker. Confession is the first step. I have read every kind of packing list, website, and guide out there in order to get better at packing. They just don't work for me. At this point, you might be wondering exactly what I put in my luggage. Well, nothing especially heavy goes in my bags. Some people pack two pairs of pants; I pack three or four. Trust me, I'll wear almost every single thing in my suitcase. I like choice. Travel is full of the unexpected. My biggest challenge yet lies before me. I am currently preparing for a longer journey. My packing goal is simple: be under the weight limit and avoid having to ship anything home at the end. Until then, I'll keep trying to lessen my load. However, I am not likely to ever be the girl who can fit it all in one backpack. I am slowly coming to accept that. *finds three-year-old candy bar in the bottom of the bag* WTF? It's like my stuff copulates when I'm not looking.

Full article: I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag.

Favourite paragraph:

The habit of carrying a schoolbag on one shoulder is also wrong and should be avoided as it can exert unnatural force on the spine, muscles and attachments. Furthermore, a heavy backpack puts pressure on the neck muscles causing headache, shoulder pain, lower back pain and tingling or numbness in the arms. Heavy bags put the children’s health and physical development at risk which can pull back their overall growth.