And on That Bombshell...

Client: AllNightCrash

Biggest challenge: Oh, vehicles! Good luck with that topic! I laughed when I first read the brief. But let’s just be clear: I am a Top Gear fangirl. I have a couple of petrol head male friends who introduced me to Top Gear. I know that James May is the sole reason it was ever classified as a factual show. And how is it after watching nearly all episodes I still know next to nothing about cars? Well, I watch it because I like seeing the sexy top-shelf special cars that are forever out of my price range. I watch it because they do funny stuff to the cheaper and crappier cars. I watch it because it makes me laugh, smile and occasionally drop my jaw. I watch it because they get to do what I'd love to do if I could. So it’s funny how I know barely anything about cars but I absolutely love Top Gear. After watching it for years all I’ve learned is that amphibious cars are a bad idea... One day I just want to be able to say: These are my corgis, Clarkson, Hammond, and May. (And that’s James in the pink collar, no doubt.) 

Full article: Click here to become the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.

Favourite paragraph:

Ikarus buses have been the ambassadors of Hungarian bus manufacturing since the very beginning. Ikarus exported buses to all former Soviet Block and western countries throughout the world. The big order of buses to China was one of the largest exports of Hungary’s bus industry: the Ikarus 30 successfully merged into the clamorous streets of Canton. Probably they are still out there somewhere and preserve the fame of the Hungarian bus after its golden age has ended.