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Client: AllNightCrash

Biggest challenge: Ozora Festival: a truly global gathering. Actually, I liked this topic right from the start. The main reason is that I know a guy who was involved in creating the beautiful web design of Ozora Festival. He is the ultimate genuine uber-cool archetype of a goa trance lover. (I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.) Hence the biggest challenge: how to get the real information out of that huge amount of immersive trippy-like experience he was more than happy to share with me. Was the dragon real? Will the vibes really lead me to an otherworldly paradise? What about the spinning fiery nebulae? And how come this shamanism and quantum healing thing? So many questions. But, since Ozora is a psy trance festival, these may be real after all. Of course I double-checked every little detail of that unlikely backstory just to make sure I provide factual information.

Full article: And now, I'm about to hit you right in the feels.

Favourite paragraph:

Moving around the festival is a piece of cake in itself. All of the stages are decorated in a colourful mix of tapestries and string art, adding a bit of eye candy to the continuous beats. The Main Stage is dedicated to psytrance vibrations. The Dragon’s Nest is a very special stage. It is accessible via a huge bridge that looks like a dragon, constructed completely out of wood. So you’re walking into a dragon’s mouth, through its belly, and coming out of its ass to arrive at its nest. Mind-boggling, but cool. The Circus tent is pretty freaking insane, too. The artists performing here instantly take you into the circuses we see in movies: sand on the ground, flying people, clowns and more. Last but not least the monumental Chill Out Dome is a stage where music never stops. This year featuring Goa Gil pre-party special 24-hour set starting on 1st August.