No Pain, No Gain

Client: Physio Medicine

Biggest challenge: The pain! Since I had zero experience with pilates or pregnancy, I felt a strong urge to become familiar with at least one of these mysterious phenomena. I chose pilates. There was a relatively new studio down the street, and I took it as a sign: Laura, channel your inner ninja and get it done! So I gathered up my courage and started the next morning on the mat. Since I chose a one-to-one private session, my instructor was happy to provide detailed instruction in the fundamentals and principles of pilates, with particular focus on pregnancy, while I was busy balancing my Open Leg Rocker. Man, that was painful! But trust me: pilates is the best!

Full article: Pain turns into hard work. Hard work makes results.

Favourite paragraph:

The various controlled breathing techniques you master during the pilates exercises raise breathe awareness and help prepare for childbirth. There is a specific bond between exercise and self-esteem. Following a good pilates lesson you will feel the positive effects through the rise in feel-good endorphins and the decrease in the stress-related hormone called cortisol. A pilates workout brings relief to sufferers of depression and anxiety, suggests you effective relaxation techniques and improves the quality of sleep.