Have No Clue

Client: Insomnia Escape Rooms

Storytime: I went to an escape room once and it was a shambles. We all used our apparent skills to figure things out but none of us knew what we were doing. It was an amazing mess.

ISFJ: “No, no, no, no.”
ESFJ: *crying and furious* “This is tearing us apart! Get it together people!”
ISTJ: *says everyone is an idiot for trying the wrong thing –– never offers his own solution*
ESTJ: “I would take over, but I like watching ENFJ fail at it.”
ESTP: “Wait guys, I got this!” *does something stupid* *fails*
ISTP: “If you guys would just listen to me then I could get us out of here... Okay, no-one is listening to me, that’s fine too, whatever.”
ESFP: *completely oblivious to everyone’s stress* “This is so fun!”
ISFP: *mopping in the corner* “I’m just really tired. I don’t want to do this.”
ENFP: *simply talking and rabbit trailing about random possibilities* “Hey look at this! This is so cool! Oh that’s kinda creepy... what if...”
INFP: *super chill and relaxed* “Man, this is so much fun. Hey guys, we should try and scare ISTJ.”
INFJ: *thinks he knows how to get out but can’t talk because all the tension in the room is about to make him cry*
ENFJ: *keeps trying to create order amongst the group, but gets too emotional to handle the responsibility* 
ENTJ: *has already planned out which one of his friends he will have to sacrifice first*
INTJ: *knows how to get out after discussing with INFJ* *doesn’t tell anyone because they want to laugh inwardly at everyone freaking out* 
ENTP: “Hey guys, I know what will work!” *tries something complicated and stupid* *fails* 
INTP: “My goodness, I can’t believe you guys haven’t figured it out yet, it’s so obvious!” *doesn’t actually know how to get out*

Favourite paragraph:

Behind the sticky robust door lurks something scary: the possibility that you’re not looking for masterpieces of the Ashcan school of painting at all but something forbidden. Let’s be reckless and yank the thing open anyway.